The annual Norwegian Restoration Seminar (Oslo, Nov 2014)

Norwegian National River Restoration seminar – 18/19 November 2014

The FP7 REFORM project and the Vindel Life project were invited to give keynote presentations during the fifth annual Norwegian RR seminar. REFORM addressed European wide issues on hydromorphological degradation and restoration strategies, while the Vindel Life project showed in detail the diversity of measures to improve this impressive Swedish river. 

The annual Norwegian RR seminars are organized in cooperation by the Norwegian Environment Agency (Miljödirektoratet), the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) and the Norwegian Water Association (Vannforeningen).  

Programme 18 November

Morning – international key-note speakers:

Tom Buijse Deltares - The REFORM project: increasing the success of restoration

Johanna Gardestrom, Umeå University - Adding large structures to improve habitat health

Afternoon – excursion:

Field visit to one of Oslo City’s urban river restoration projects: Hovinbekken (see pictures)



Programme 19 November

Sharing of Norwegian river restoration experiences:

Session 1: River continuity for fish

  • Restoring spawning grounds and young fish habitat
  • Restoring fish passage
  • Culverts: fish passage and hydraulics

Session 2: Urban river restoration

  • Costs and benefits of achieving environmental objectives for urban rivers
  • How to regain trout populations in urban creeks, Trondheim City
  • Restoration of the Storaana river, Sandnes City

Session 3: Wetland restoration

  • Restoring at Rusaset lake, Örland municipality
  • Restoration at Haukaas lake, Bergen municipality
  • Restoration of extremely rich mire, Asker municipality

The complete 2014 seminar programme and presentations can be found at the Norwegian Water Association web page HERE (only the two first presentations are in English, the rest are in Norwegian).

Programme and presentations of previous annual RR seminars in Norway:

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