D4.3 Results of the hydromorphological and ecological survey

Results of the hydromorphological and ecological survey

Effects of large- and small-scale river restoration on hydromorphology and ecology


An increasing number of river sections have been restored in the past few decades but only a small number of these projects have been monitored. The few monitoring studies mainly investigated single organism groups, reported contrasting results, and rarely did investigate the influence of catchment, river or project characteristics. In this study, we compiled a harmonized dataset on the effects of hydromorphological river restoration measures on biota based on a standardized monitoring design to minimize scatter due to methodological differences. A broad range of response variables was recorded to draw conclusions on the effect of restoration on biota in general, including habitat composition in the river and its floodplain, three aquatic and two floodplain-inhabiting organism groups, as well as food web composition and aquatic land interactions as reflected by stable isotopes. Additional data on factors potentially constraining or enhancing the effect of restoration were compiled to identify conditions which favour restoration success. The main focus was dedicated to investigate the effect of restoration extent (as indicated by restored section length and restoration intensity).

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