Effects of hydromorphological changes on river and floodplain ecosystems (WP3)


  1. To select and develop candidate indicators for WFD quality elements that quantify impacts of hydrological and morphological degradation in rivers, including disruption of sediment dynamics and groundwater connectivity, in parallel with WP2, and to provide this information to WP6.
  2. To quantify the impact of hydrological and morphological degradation of floodplains and riparian ecosystems and the interaction with in-channel conditions
  3. To develop biological indicators capable of diagnosing hydromorphological pressures in a multiple pressure environment
  4. To quantify the influence of hydromorphological degradation on catchment water quality dynamics



D3.1 Impacts of hydromorphological degradation and disturbed sediment dynamics on ecological status (online; November 2013)

D3.2 Understanding biological responses to degraded hydromorphology sediment dynamics and multiple stress (online; March 2015)

D3.3 Evaluation of candidate indicators for case studies including uncertainty (online; June 2015)

D3.4 Guidance on how to identify impacts of hydromorphological degradation on riparian ecosystems (online; August 2015)

D3.5 Large river regulation and rehabilitation in Europe – six selected case studies (online; December 2015)