Work package 7: Knowledge dissemination and stakeholder participation (WP7)


  1. To disseminate and support the uptake of project outputs to selected relevant communities (river basin authorities/water managers (especially at the REFORM case study sites), national environment agencies, policy makers through the Common Implementation Strategy of the WFD at international, national and local scale)
  2. To increase visibility and awareness of issues associated with river restoration.
  3. To engage directly with practitioners and relevant stakeholders in the development of the applications and tools delivered by the project.
  4. To provide policy-relevant documentation and to advise policy makers and practitioners on cost-effective, sustainable measures to improve river ecosystems.



D7.1 Communication and Dissemination Strategy  (online; March 2012)

D7.2 Project website: structure and functionality (online; August 2012)

D7.3 Proceedings of the end-user / stakeholder workshop (online; June 2013) 

D7.4 Lecture notes of the summer school (online; July 2015)

D7.5 Proceedings of the final conference (online; August 2015)

D7.6 Newsletters and project leaflet (the leaflet is now available in 9 languages); 8 newsletters has been published

D7.7 Three policy briefs and maximum three policy discussion papers (the timing for 3rd policy brief will be defined in due course; the timing for the policy discussion papers will be defined on the basis of needs of key policy target groups).