Meta-Analysis (WP1)


  1. To compile a metadata overview of existing data and review the literature at on hydromorphology-ecology interactions different scale levels (spatial and temporal) and underlying hydromorphological and ecological variables and processes across Europe.
  2. To compile a metadata overview of existing data and review literature on the man-made physical and socio-economic impact of hydromorphological and ecological degradation (including the first European RBMPs, to identify knowledge gaps) and restoration dynamics, at relevant spatial and temporal scales.
  3. To perform meta-analyses on biotic responses to hydromorphological restoration at different temporal and spatial scales, and on the effects of multiple pressures interfering with restoration effects.
  4. To compile a project meta-database as a guide to existing knowledge for all WPs, which helps develop and sharpen hypotheses, and to facilitate dissemination of results in WP 7
  5. To support tasks in WPs 2-5 by providing task databases.



D1.1 Review on eco-hydromorphological methods (online; January 2013)

D1.2 Review on effects of pressures on hydromorphological variables and ecologically relevant processes (online; October 2013)

D1.3 Review on ecological responses to hydromorphological degradation and restoration  (online; October 2013)

D1.4 Inventory of the cost of river degradation and the socio-economic aspects and costs and benefits (online; January 2014)

D1.5 Final Summary reports about metadata management (scheduled October 2015)