Lecture notes of the summer school ‘Restoring regulated streams linking theory and practice’

This deliverable presents the overview and structure of the REFORM 3-day summer school ‘Restoring regulated streams linking theory and practice’ for early career researchers and young scientists. 

On the first day participants took part in a field excursion to river restoration projects in the vicinity of Wageningen in The Netherlands. On the second day they listened to a set of seven complementary lectures on river restoration and then provided interactive discussion. The lectures covered the following aspects: restoration planning, how does my river work?, what’s wrong?, hydromorphological and biological assessment and how can we improve through restoration? On the last day participants used the theory and information from the lectures to prepare and present their view on how to restore the streams visited during the field visit.

The summer school took place in Wageningen (The Netherlands) from 27 – 29 June 2015. Careful planning of the course has made it possible to use the course outputs for those interested in teaching river restoration, wherever river or stream restoration projects are available. The complete PowerPoint presentations and the video-recorded lectures are available online and can be used for teaching and training purposes.

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