REFORM wiki now online

The REFORM wiki presents generic river restoration knowledge and specific restoration case studies, using the same technology as Wikipedia. The contents are organized in layers with increasing levels of detail. Interactive maps of case studies across Europe (Figure 1) form the portal from which live links provide access to other case studies as well as related background information in thematic sections (knowledge components in Figure 2).

Figure 1. Case-study page of the REFORM wiki.

Figure 2. Structure of REFORM wiki with live links between knowledge components.

The wiki uses the language of water management as the point of departure, following WFD categories and terminology. A filter for thematic items allows users to search case studies with selected features, thus effectively tracing relevant information. The background information in the wiki links to multiple other sources, such as scientific publications, photographs, movies, grey literature in multiple languages, and weblinks.

The wiki will be filled with contents from the work packages in the REFORM project. Although this activity is spread over several years, we already invite you cordially to visit the present version at

If you visit the wiki regularly in the coming years, you will see that it grows in time. If you are interested in contributing, please go to the wiki and open an account. Be sure to provide a valid email address, and we will contact you.

For further information: 

Gertjan Geerling and Erik Mosselman, Deltares