REFORM scientific publications - II

In September 2014, I informed you in our 5th newsletter for the first time about peer-reviewed scientific publications that have been published within the framework of REFORM. At that time – one year ago – we had 13 publications. Now at the end of the project there are already more than 50. Personally I am very pleased and also proud that so many high quality papers have been published during the course of the REFORM project.

Besides individual publications, several special issues have been prepared or are under preparation:

  • In the journal Aquatic Sciences: research across boundaries, 10 papers are published in a special issue: “A multi-scale framework for supporting river assessment and management”, which has been coordinated by the guest-editors Angela Gurnell and Massimo Rinaldi (Gurnell et al., 2015).
  • In the journal River Research and Applications, 6 papers are published in a special issue: “Hydrogeomorphology – ecology interactions in river systems”. This has been coordinated by the guest-editors Angela Gurnell and Bob Grabowski (Grabowski & Gurnell, 2015).
  • In the journal Hydrobiologia, a special issue regarding the “Effects of large- and small -scale river restoration on hydromorphology and ecology” is under preparation and should be available soon. It will contain 9 papers on restoration effects on hydromorphology, fish, benthic invertebrates, aquatic macrophytes, floodplain vegetation, riparian ground beetles, foodwebs, ecosystem services and a synthesis. The integrating paper of this study has already been published (Hering et al., 2015).

The complete overview of all published scientific papers is given at the REFORM website (Results -> Scientific Publications). For each publication the full reference, abstract and DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is given. The DOI links to the journal. Due to copy right restrictions we are not allowed to upload full papers. If you are interested in the full paper then you can first check whether it is open access. If not, then you are kindly invited to contact the corresponding author requesting a copy. We will keep on updating the list in the future even though the REFORM project has now formally ended.



Grabowski, R.C. & A.M. Gurnell, 2015. Hydrogeomorphology–ecology interactions in river systems. River Research and Applications, announced link, but not yet online:

Gurnell, A. M., M. Rinaldi, B. Belletti, S. Bizzi, B. Blamauer, G. Braca, A. D. Buijse, M. Bussettini, B. Camenen, F. Comiti, L. Demarchi,  D. García de Jalón, M. González del Tánago, R. C. Grabowski, D. M. Gunn, H. Habersack, D. Hendriks, A. J. Henshaw, M. Klösch, B. Lastoria, A. Latapie, P. Marcinkowski, V. Martínez-Fernández, E. Mosselman, J. O. Mountford, L. Nardi, T. Okruszko, M. T. O’Hare, M. Palma, C. Percopo, N. Surian, W. van de Bund, C. Weissteiner, L. Ziliani (2015) A multi-scale hierarchical framework for developing understanding of river behaviour to support river management. Aquatic Sciences: research across boundaries – published online 22 September 2015.

Hering, D., J. Aroviita, A. Baattrup-Pedersen, K. Brabec, T. Buijse, F. Ecke, N. Friberg, M. Gielczewski, K. Januschke, J. Köhler, B. Kupilas, A.W. Lorenz, S. Muhar, A. Paillex, M. Poppe, T. Schmidt, S. Schmutz, J. Vermaat, P.F.M. Verdonschot, R.C.M. Verdonschot, C. Wolter & J. Kail (2015) Contrasting the roles of section length and instream habitat enhancement for river restoration success: a field study of 20 European restoration projects. Journal of Applied Ecology published online 18 September 2015

For further information: 

Tom Buijse, Deltares